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    Friday, July 22, 2005

    What I've been diggin': Five things

    I love seeing blog posts where someone just randomly lists out a handful of things they've really been impressed with lately. It's a fun way of learning about new things or reminding you to check out something you've been meaning to. Case in point, the pen I wrote about this month. I saw it on someone's blog and decided to hunt it down.

    So in the spirit of sharing unsolicited recommendations about random items, here's my list:

    Trader Joe's Barbecue Sauce: This is not the fancy chipotle style. Nor is it the super-rific double-lutz apricot chalk marinade. This is the basic, garden-variety barbidee-barbique sauce. And it's wonderful. Perfect balance of sweet, smokey, and spicey. Great for grillin'!

    Vonage: Bring on the Voice-over-IP! I mentioned we switched to VoIP for our home line last month. It's working out beautifully. I'm very happy with this $15/month service. It has so many neat features including the ability to email an attached .wav file when a voicemail comes in. You can even have up to five other numbers ring when the Vonage phone rings too. Why haven't all broadband users switched to VoIP?

    Origins Skin Diver: This active charcoal body wash is awesome. It's a cool jet black color (but lathers normally) so it doesn't make me feel like I'm using a girly product. But yes, I am raving about body wash. While I'm at it, I might as well also say that it smells heavenly -- a wonderful combination of clove, lavender, sage, spearmint and wintergreen.

    Westinghouse Four-Slice Waffle Maker: Pancakes are so 2004. I'm all about the waffles now. I had some delicious homemade waffles while visiting Tim in Arizona last March. So I figured with our new apartment's additional countertop space we could benefit from a waffle maker. I don't think I'll ever make pancakes again. Waffles are just too easy and delicious. This particular machine has its own "crisp" setting if you like them a bit crispier. And it actually beeps at you when it's ready to cook, and again when it's done. What could be simpler than that?

    Iced coffee: Not the Dunkin' Donuts. Not the Starbucks. Lately I've been really enjoying the independent coffee shop variety, specifically Moose Tracks in Leominster and The Bean Scene in Millbury. Actually I've been going to the latter so often that I barely get in a "hello" before they start making a medium ½-caf iced coffee with soy. Now isn't that sassy?

    So BBQ up some iced coffee-flavored body wash in your waffle maker while talking on the phone, and have a great weekend.