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    Monday, August 01, 2005

    Tracks of the Week: Newbury

    The Vanisher "The Tic-Tac TacTic" - I stopped by Newbury Comics this weekend hoping to find the new 2CD compilation called Spectral Sound, Vol. 1. I figured there'd be no chance of finding it because it's very new and on a moderately obscure electronic music label called, oddly enough, Spectral Sound. But I found it! Woo hoo! And on sale for $9.99! Double woo hoo! The 2nd disc is a fantastic 33-track mix of the Spectral catalog by Matthew Dear's DJ partner-in-crime, Ryan Elliot. But this week, you get something off the 1st disc, an exclusive track that shimmers and shakes. Buy It.

    Squarepusher "Beat Street" - While at Newbury's I also stumbled upon a 3CD comp (for $3.99!) called SONAR 97 which includes highlights from the first SONAR festival in Barcelona (a kind of sister festival to MUTEK, which I never ended up going to last year). This track sounds like Tom Jenkinson pushed the play button and walked away to grade some papers or something. It borders dangerously close to the album version, but that's OK, we'll forgive him. After all, he's a crazy spastic knob-twiddlin' bass-thwumpin' freak! Buy It.