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    Thursday, October 27, 2005

    National Public Ridiculousness

    On my commute home last night, somewhere between All Things Considered and Marketplace, NPR used John Zorn's "N.Y. Flat Top Box" to segue between segments. I just had to look down at my radio dial and yell "WHAT?!?" You'd understand my shock if you've ever heard "N.Y. Flat Top Box." Imagine a performing country band being shoved down a flight of stairs and you're partway there.

    I think Tim, Alex, and I all agreed at one point that "N.Y. Flat Top Box" could very well be the stupidest 45 seconds ever recorded. Fortunately NPR faded out less than 10 seconds into the track which was well before the song's alarming breakdown. You can hear for yourself.

    Bonus Track of the Week: John Zorn "N.Y. Flat Top Box"

    And if that wasn't dumb enough, 20 minutes later, NPR aired a piece about how outgoing Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan is the father of electro-clash and psychedelic-folk music. I ask you: Is this sensible stuff to be playing during their annual fund-raising drive?