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    Monday, October 31, 2005

    Tracks of the Week: Ghost

    Ghost "Piper" - This song is lifted off of Ghost's 7th (and most recent) album Hypnotic Underworld which includes more of their brand of commune-minded, free-spirited psychedelia. "Piper" includes some crazy guitar work, blistering at times, and is one of the more upbeat tracks from this Japanese collective. They were my favorite live act from 2002's Terrastock Festival held on Landsdowne Street. Definitely worth catching them if they come around again. Buy It.

    Helms "Ghosts With Searching Eyes" - This is the second song from Helms's The Swimmer I've posted. They're really a great local band. I've heard this particular song twice in the last week on WZBC. I'm not sure why -- it's not about Halloween. But it does have the ghosts of Pacman in it. Buy It.

    Tino "Wicked Insane Evil Dub" - The two songs above aren't particularly Halloweeny, so I'm tossing in a third track this week to keep consistent with last year. A track from Tino appeared last Halloween and Tino's Breaks Vol. 6: Halloween Dub (Makes Your Flesh Creep!) has lots of fun spooky mwwwwuuu-haha, so here's another track from it. Happy Halloween everyone! Buy It.