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    Sunday, November 06, 2005

    Ten Taco Titan

    Some people can hold their breath underwater for more than sixty seconds. Others are able to belch the alphabet. Me? I can eat tacos like they're going out of style. I really can't remember my all-time record in one sitting, but it was well into the double digits. Last time I documented our taco dinner count was over two years ago. We've had plenty of tacos since, but I guess I was always too full to write about it here.

    Tonight was a different story, however. I decimated the competition and finished off a mighty 10 tacos (versus 2 by Alyssa). Simone was a no show this time, but I hardly consider her competition. And why am I not full?

    I suppose I should clarify the type of tacos too. I'm talking homemade tacos, single hard shell, with fresh ingredients. None of this Taco Bell sludge. If you ever wish to challenge me, I'll happily go taco-to-taco with you. Just bring your own shells.