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    Monday, December 12, 2005

    Tracks of the Week: New York

    Television "Marquee Moon" - When I think of NY bands, I think of quite a few. But there are a couple that always top the list. The 1970s seemed like such a cool time to be in NYC to soak up the music. Television was just one of the many bands that popped up in the mid-70s. Their brand of rock was stripped down garage rock. Their crowning achievement Marquee Moon (the album name and its centerpiece title track) influenced countless post-punk bands who would emerge from the city years later. There's no denying that this is a guitar rock album, and they did such a fabulous job with it. Buy It.

    Velvet Underground "Sister Ray" - Rewind another handful of years and you'll reach the Velvet Underground. You can hear VU's influence in Television, and about 80 buhjillion other bands too. To me, they are the ultimate NY rock band. If we played that word association game and you said "New", I'd say, "Things a weirdo would say." No, actually. I'd say Velvet Underground. Someday I'd love to wander through lower Manhattan while listening to White Light/White Heat. So naturally this song is lifted from that 1968 album. Here you get a 17-minute wall-of-sound epic, and don't complain that it's a bunch of claptrap and nervous music. Buy It.