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    Friday, January 20, 2006

    Back-to-back troubles

    As I type this, I'm laying on the bed staring at the ceiling and listening to my cat's nose whstle as she sleeps soundly next to me. Why am I doing this on a beautiful Friday afternoon? Frankly, because I'm in pain. After the biblical rainstorms we had here on Wednesday, our basement filled with water for the second time in one week (the first being last weekend after Friday's heavy rains). So we've spent the greater part of the last week dealing with our basement woes.

    We had a service team come in last weekend and vaccuum out the water and turn on a huge dehumidifier and fans to dry things out. This worked well until Wednesday when it started all over again. In the meantime our builder arranged to install a sump pump, but with our luck the earliest the foundation cutter and plumber could arrive was Thursday morning.

    So there I was, Wednesday night, vaccuuming up gallons upon gallons of water with our new trusty shop vac. On one of the trips (the sixteenth?) out the bulkhead stairs to dump the water (mind you, far from the foundation) I slipped on a step and wrenched my back.

    Cut to two days later, and here I lay on a heating pad, plenty of meds, and trying my best to catch up on work emails as they continue to flood in (pun intended). But soon it will be the weekend, and I'll have time to rest. Maybe play around a little more with so you can see what I've been listening to.

    As long as I recouperate over the next couple days, I'll be happy. Next week will be crazy for me because I'm preparing for the longest journey of my life. On Thursday night, I'm off to India for ten days for work. My colleagues in Chennai may need to prop me up in the corner, but at least I'll be there laying the groundwork for what will be a very intense year of software projects. When I'm back, I hope to make the second podcast available and share some photos of the southern coast of India. Goodbye for now.