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    Saturday, February 11, 2006

    Nervous Music Podcast 002

    Boy, there's been a drought of posts here lately. My back is feeling much better, and I hope to have that ordeal behind me within the next couple weeks. Still painful at times, but nothing like it was a couple weeks ago. Work has been demanding now that I'm back. I'm leaving tomorrow night (pending the blizzard forecast) for Berlin, then I'm off to Switzerland by the end of the week, and from there hopping over to India for another week. So it's going to be even more quiet here until I get out of the woods, known as February.

    I created my second podcast the same weekend I did the first. I've extended my Best of 2005 coverage through one more show. So between 001 and 002 you have an hour of new music and a few minutes of me rattling on about nothing. The problem is that, at the time, I hadn't figured out how to boost my voice levels. And it appears I'm unable to do it after the fact in GarageBand. So rather than re-record all my vocal bits for this podcast -- which I have no time to do -- you're going to get another amateurish edition of the Nervous Music podcast. Sorry.

    But, from here on out, folks, anything goes. I'll be creating future shows with the help of your requests I hope.

    Nervous Music Podcast 002 (29 min, 33.2 MB)