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    Thursday, February 02, 2006

    Not quite back yet

    Thank you for all the nice messages and concern, everyone. I'm still recovering from my lower back pull. I was going into work basically every other day this week and realized that between the long commute and sitting at my desk for 10 hours at a time, I wasn't doing much in the way of recovering. So I'm continuing to rest and mend and we'll see what next week brings.

    My trip to India has been postponed - I think I mentioned that already. So it looks like I'll be going in late February instead. I have to be in Germany and Switzerland the week of February 13, so after those meetings, I'll likely continue on to the Republic of India. But we'll see how my back is feeling by that time. That's right around the corner.

    Sorry for the infrequent updates. It's amazing how much a back injury can knock the productive, creative wind out of you. Hope to be back on my feet soon.