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    Friday, April 07, 2006

    And I could've done without that

    What's worse than battling severe jet lag while in India? Getting conjunctivitis of course! But what can be worse than that? Why, getting crapped on by a bird while leaving the hospital!

    Yes, friends, it's been a tough couple days. The first few were fine. Meetings went well, and I got a lot accomplished. But since yesterday, life's been another story. As I type this, I'm inches from my screen peeking out of slits for eyes and listening to Hollywood Squares in my hotel room.

    I guess this will finally be the push I need to buy a pair of eyeglasses. Luckily I packed a couple extra pairs of contact lenses. Let's hope I heal enough by Sunday morning to at least wear one to make it to the airport and back home again.

    It's only Friday morning here, though. So that's still a couple days away. For now, I'm waiting patiently in my room for an omelette and some sweet lime juice. OK, that's about all the seeing I can take for now.

    UPDATE: I know I've talked with some of you before about the relatively cheaper cost of just about everything here in India. Here's another prime example: Guess how much it cost for my hospital registration fee, the exam itself, plus two prescriptions for eyedrops. If you guessed $13.50 you'd be right.