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    Saturday, June 10, 2006

    Drinking from the firehose

    I'm not sure if the phrase "drinking from the firehose" falls into the category of corporate-speak the same way that "touching base" and "thinking outside the box" do. But I'm going to use it anyway. Lately, I'm continuing to drink from the firehose.

    The traveling has calmed, but the workload continues to be up there with the number of innings played between the Paw Sox and Rochester Red Wings in the Spring of 1981, i.e., a lot. In fact that was the longest professional baseball game ever played. I think I still have the commemorative cups (even though I wasn't there). Paw Sox won 3-2. Woo!

    Hey, speaking of beisbol, I'm going to my first Boston game of the season tonight. The night game of the doubleheader against the Texas Rangers. Looks like we'll be seeing Beckett take the mound against "Way Back" Wasdin. Should be a good game at soggy Fenway, if the weather holds up. Let's hope Youk can keep his forearm away from pitches tonight. And let's hope Trot keeps up his hitting streak. Giddy up! Beisbol!

    [UPDATE: OK, so we didn't see the game yesterday. But the makeup was today, and it was clearly the best of the weekend bunch. Sox down 2, and Ortiz faces a 2-2 count with 2 on and 2 out in the bottom of the ninth. Does he smack yet another walkoff home run? You bet he does! Sox win in dramatic fashion 5-4. Woo!]