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    Wednesday, October 25, 2006

    Thunder Noodle vs Drunken Noodle

    Oh man, we found an awesome Thai place last weekend. The restaurant we usually go to has been wearing thin and we've searched high and low for better Thai in the Worcester area. We discovered a fantastic spot in Milford called Mango Thai Cuisine.

    It has a wonderful atmosphere with large intricate mango paintings on the walls. The floral-print booths looked awfully comfy (although with the Saturday crowd we were lucky to get just a regular table). Speaking of tables, their placemats are pretty amusing -- a glossary of Thai herbs with cartoons of dancing children. The staff is super friendly as they dash around in their bright green Mango shirts. And the food, oh the food is just spectacular. I think the Thunder Noodle gives the Drunken Noodle at Bamboo (on Comm Ave) a run for its money.

    Aside from the Thunder / Drunken / Spicy Noodle, I also judge Thai restaurants based on whether they serve fresh spring rolls for an appetizer. I'm not talking the deep fried torpedos packed with wilted cabbage. I mean the light and airy rice paper-wrapped veggies and shrimp. Mango's fresh spring rolls are excellent. We finished off our meal with the mango and sticky rice dessert, an item you don't see on many Thai menus either. The drizzled coconut milk on top was a nice touch. Again, we were mighty impressed.

    If you happen to find yourself wandering down I-495 and you pass Milford and Medway, hop on the Exit 19 off-ramp and hit Mango Thai Cuisine. It's just spectacular.