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    Thursday, March 22, 2007

    OpenID and IconBuffet

    I'm a fan of IconBuffet. There are lots of icon sites out there, but none have the quality and unique spin of IconBuffet. Every month, I get a new free set of icons dropped into my email account. I can then share icon sets with friends and they can share sets with me. So I have a nice collection of around 20 sets now. Everything from Taipei Monkeys to the wonderful Super Modena Bros.

    Molten Goomba  Molten Blocks  Molten Coin  Molten Fire Flower
    Cold 1-Up  Cold Power-Up  Cold Koopa Shell  Cold Star

    The company just relaunched their site for the better. It wasn't bad before but they have a nice blog forum now and a few new features that are very clearly explained (like how stamps and tokens work so you can get your mitts on more icons). But what I'm also impressed with is their use of OpenID. This is the first site I've come across where I've actually been able to use my Open ID. So that's just fun to be able to use it.

    Granted, there are some major hurdles that OpenID will need to overcome in order to become a smashing success. I really like the concept of it and I hope it doesn't die out. But given its rate of adoption (by AOL, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Firefox to name a few of the big players) I don't think we have to worry about that anytime soon.

    So go create your OpenID and sign-up for IconBuffet. The former might prove very useful to you. The latter might not be useful at all except for changing your Desktop's Recycle Bin into a koopa shell.