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    Friday, October 15, 2004

    What's in a name?

    I once explained why I call this site Nervous Music. And recently Mike explained the naming of his site. Now check out a list of company name etymologies. Some of the more interesting ones are:

    Akamai - Hawaiian for "clever, intelligent and cool."

    Atari - From the board game Go, "atari" is a Japanese word to describe a position where an opponent's stones are in danger of being captured.

    Kinko's - From college nickname of founder, Paul Orfalea. He was called Kinko because he had curly red hair.

    Nintendo - Nintendo is composed of 3 Japanese Kanji characters, Nin-ten-do the first two of which can be translated to "Heaven blesses hard work"; do is a common ending for any store.

    Six Apart - Company co-founders Ben and Mena Trott were born 6 days apart (in September 1977).

    Starbucks - Named after Starbuck, a character in Herman Melville's whaling novel, Moby-Dick.

    Yahoo! - An acronym for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle. The word Yahoo was invented by Jonathan Swift and used in his book Gulliver's Travels.