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    Monday, October 17, 2005

    Tracks of the Week: Glitch

    System Error "Enter To Exit" - There was a glitch with this week's tracks, so you get three rather than the typical two. This album was the first that showed me you could make a fine product out of errors, mistakes, hiccups, and accidents. It's a warm, organic ride through faulty software. The duo in System Error also go by the name Higher Intelligence Agency, and I get the feeling that the glitchy material here is the garbage generated from their HIA sessions. Mmm garbage. Enjoy! Out of print.

    Oval "Do While" - Somehow finagling a career out of playing skipping CDs, Oval's Markus Popp deconstructed a beauty with 1994's 94 Diskont. Fractured clicks meet head on with decaying melodies. This track was a staple on my old radio show -- at least a portion of it. Clocking in at over 24 minutes, you'll either be thanking me for some off-kilter glitchy brilliance, or shaking your fists at the sky yelling "Why, Sean?! Why?!?" Buy It.

    ELpH vs. Coil "The Halliwell Hammers" - Another track created through unplanned results from electronic equipment. From 1995's Worship the Glitch, this little piece is a bizarre instrumental, even for Coil's standards. It's basically the music you'd hear in your head if you stumbled through a carnival's funhouse after eating way too many chili dogs. Buy It.

    Can you believe I've been posting music here for a year now? I can't.