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    Friday, December 16, 2005

    What I've been diggin': Five (more) things

    This summer I posted a few items I had recently discovered and really enjoyed. I figure it's time once again for a similar list. Hope you enjoy.

    CrapCleaner: Chris introduced me to this very helpful (albeit crudely named) Windows app. What sets it apart from all the others is its ability to kill all your temporary internet files from all installed browsers, to empty your recycle bin and log files, and to clean up your registry (carefully, I might add) all at once. Of course it's very customizable so you can just pick and choose what you want it to do. All this and it operates at lightning speed. It's hard to imagine that despite my ongoing commitment to keep my CPU free and clear of junk, CrapCleaner was able to step in and clear out another 500MB worth of crap. You can download CrapCleaner for free and start cleanin'.

    Bin 555: Wyndham Estate of South Eastern Australia has produced a Shiraz that has become the flagship of its winery. It's in unbelievable demand right now, not unlike Northern California's Stag's Leap a couple years ago. Bin 555 is very reasonably priced. You can easily find it for under $12, and I've seen it at larger discount retailers for as little as $6.99. We first stumbled upon it while eating lunch at Piattini on Newbury Street -- one of the few eating establishments on that road that won't empty your wallet. Gone are the days of Two Buck Chuck. We'll be entertaining with Bin 555 (ahem, when we get it together to entertain). Try their Bin 444 too, a berry and currant laden Cabernet Sauvignon. It's delicious.

    SmartWool socks: OK, so I've known about these for quite a while. But I recently picked up two new pair. Everytime I wear them I have to ask myself why do I wear anything else? These are the ultimate socks. Yes, they'll run you $10 or so; sometimes over $15 depending on the style. But they are sooo worth it. Unbelievably comfortable and warm, they wick away moisture and the lighter styles are great for summer too. Just remember to turn them inside out when washing so they don't pill. Buy yourself a pair of SmartWool socks.

    Drunk'n Caribou: This is a bit of an overlap from the summer list, but for some reason I just can't shake the iced coffee these days. We've quickly slid into the holiday season yet I'm still reaching for that tall glass of iced coffee, specifically Drunk'n Caribou from Moose Creek Coffee. Its combination of cinnamon, cloves, and orange with a splash or two of Caribbean rum is the perfect blend for a freak still drinking iced coffee in December.

    Ice Dozer: I cheated on this one. I don't actually own it. But I feel compelled to offer something that could really help you this winter if you live in snowy climates. Keep quiet, Tim. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's broken dozens of ice scrapers over the years. Either they're too small or too wimpy. And when it's 7am and you have to get on the road, there's no time to mess around with the equivalent of a jagged credit card. So I'll be buying an Ice Dozer shortly. It'll come in handy when I get the short end of the stick with our new one-car garage.