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    Sunday, October 01, 2006

    Peering through my window again

    I've mentioned before that I'm no stranger to musical coincidences. Last week was no exception. On three separate occasions during my commute I heard a song on WZBC that I was just listening to the night before. No joke. Three times this happened to me. Monday morning was Coil; Wednesday was Wire; Friday was Yo La Tengo. What can that possibly mean? And on one of my commutes home I heard Moses Allison's (fantastic) "Your Molecular Structure" which I listened to last weekend.

    This is such a strange set of coincidences because generally I've been remiss in my music listenin' lately. This is primarily due to my aging iPod. It's on its last legs. Sadly, it has developed a condition where it seizes up for exactly 2 minutes at random intervals. The music keeps playing, but the controls are frozen, and if the song reaches its end, it won't continue to the next until the 2 minutes pass. Seems like a known bug in the iPod Minis. Not too much I can do about it. I've been living with it for about 6 months now and recently realized it's time for an upgrade.

    The new 80GB iPod arrived at our doorstep a few days ago. Setting it up proved to be a very long process. Moving lots of music over to my laptop, re-ripping CDs in AAC to conserve space, and cleaning up tags took hours and hours and hours. But I'm finally in business. 1,100 albums and over 13,000 songs. Do I need this much on one device? Of course not. But now I can say that half of my collection can fit in my pocket. It's a welcomed upgrade to my 3rd generation iPod which will still join me on my commutes with its trusty FM transmitter. But I'm sure it will be retired as soon as I can get the new one rigged up in the Corolla.

    Hrrmmm...Now I have some serious catching up to do with my collection.