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    Wednesday, July 26, 2006


    My birthday's next month. Who wants to buy me a Thingamagoop?

    What is it exactly? I'm not sure. I forget. Maybe I need some of these Instant Decaf sticks instead!

    Saturday, July 22, 2006


    When we leave The Schroed alone for 20 minutes, this is what happens: He shimmies his way under the couch, finds a manufacturer's sticker half-dangling from the underside, and adheres it to his chest. Now that's about as silly as a friend who sticks Newcastle beer labels on his forehead and yells, "Hey! I'm a Newcastle!"

    Tuesday, July 18, 2006

    Look, I'm not asking for a terabyte

    I'm still waiting to be able to put my entire music collection on one device. So when is this 100 GB iPod coming out that rumor sites have been hinting at for over a year now?

    Hrrnnpphh. I guess nothing is due out soon.

    Saturday, July 08, 2006

    What made you think the cat photos would ever stop?

    Now that we have cat #2, does that mean you'll be seeing twice as many cat photos here? Well, maybe. I have a few new ones to share of Schroeder from last weekend. Simone's gradually warming up to him. It'll take some time. I'm leaving for a week tomorrow -- working in our Swiss office again. So hopefully by the time I return they'll be best of friends and even helping out around the house. That would be nice.

    Friday, July 07, 2006

    The Great Garlic E-scape

    We are very excited about the organic farm share we signed up for this summer. From mid-June to October, I'm receiving a weekly bundle of produce right to my workplace thanks to Three Sisters Farm in western Mass. For the last two weeks, each Thursday morning, I get a call from the front desk telling me about my bag of fun. So far, it's been lots of leafy goodness: lettuce, mesculin mix, bok choy, plus a healthy dose of snow peas, snap peas, and podded peas.

    Last week also brought an interesting twisty tendril called a garlic scape or garlic shoot. They appear in the summer before the garlic bulbs themselves are ready. We used them like we would a head of garlic - chopped 'em up and sauteed them in a bit of olive oil. They have the flavor of the garlic without the intense bite. A very nice mild flavor to them.

    Soon peppers, tomatoes, and other fresh veggies will be in season. Plus Chris tells me the cucumbers are fantastic. Well I just can't wait for that!

    Monday, July 03, 2006

    Spoilt Victorian Mario

    Every day, The Story of the Fall lists a new Fall song with review. Neat concept. It's just starting out, but give it a few months and you'll have a nice selection of tracks from them to browse.

    I also stumbled upon a Javascript-based version of Super Mario 3. So far, it only includes part of Level 1-1 but it's pretty nifty.

    So how's that for two random links for your holiday weekend? Not enough to hold you over while waiting for the fireworks. But that's OK, you should be outside playing bocce anyway. Happy 4th!

    Saturday, July 01, 2006

    Meet Schroeder

    It's official: We've named him Schroeder. He's two months old and a bundle of hyper joy. Simone's not quite sure what to do with him yet. She's generally OK unless he comes within about two feet of her, then the hissing begins. No throwdown fights yet, but we expect some on the horizon as they get closer and closer to each other by the day.

    He's just the cutest little thing. Between the alpaca photos and kitten photos here, I feel like I'm trying to compete with other sites out there.

    You can certainly expect more photos of Schroeder up here soon... if he sits still long enough to be more than a blur on film.